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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Uscg forms

Instructions and Help about Uscg forms

Music welcome to the National Maritime centers instructional video on completing the US Coast Guard seven one nine series of applications form CG seven one nine B is the application for license as an officer staff officer or operator and four merchant mariners documents the first three pages prdetailed instructions on filling out the CG seven one nine B form each section listed in the instruction corresponds with a specific section of the application form figure one on page three provides a table detailing the different endorsement categories and transaction types to assist you in making the appropriate selection during the application process please read these instructions carefully prior to filling out the application section one of this form consists of personal data fill out each block in this section or write n/a if not applicable when your credential is issued by mail the address in this section is used please make sure your personal information is accurate and report changes immediately section two consists of the type of transaction you are requesting place checkmarks in the applicable boxes multiple selections in this section are acceptable in the description of endorsement desired box be specific about the credential you are requesting this box applies to renewal transactions only if you wish to have your renewal MMC issued immediately instead of having its issuance coincide with the expiration of your previous credentials please check this box section three covers safety and suitability part one should be marked if you are exempt from holding a valid TWIC under Coast Guard policy letter 11-15 for more information on this exemption please refer to the policy letter section of our website for part two convictions and drug use marked the appropriate response and complete the CG 7 1 9 C form for all areas marked yes remember to complete all blocks in this section for part three national driver registry mark this box to authorize the ndr search consent authorization is mandatory for applications for originals renewals or new officer endorsements section 4 covers Mariners consent and certification in part 1 you are given the option to participate in the Mariner outreach system please read this section and choose the appropriate response the Box in part 2 should only be marked when you're applying for a document of continuity this section acknowledges your awareness that a document of continuity is not valid for use part 3 should be used for Mariners under 18 years of age if applicable please check the box and pra notarized statement of consent from a parent or guardian part 4 denotes that the National Maritime Center is authorized to release information to a third party if applicable please fill out this section completely part 5 of section 4 addresses certification and oath read the certification carefully sign and date certifying that the information is true and correct the oath is for original applications only there are two options to satisfy this requirement at a regional exam.


What is the full form of USCG?
What is the full form of USCG? What would happen if a ship captain won’t fill the ship’s log book? What is the maximum weight a cargo ship can carry? What is the most absurd question someone has asked you about Singapore, or life in Singapore? What are the biggest differences between the U.S. Coast Guard cutter life and the U.S. Navy ship life? When the US President is on a plane, that plane is called Air Force One. Does this happen to other forms of transportation? If the President visits a Navy ship, does that ship become Navy One, etc.? Does the United States Coast Guard ever do joint training exercises with the United States Navy? Can Coast Guard ships be equipped with the same armaments as naval ships? Could the US Coast Guard alone defend the Western Seaboard from a Russian, Chinese and North Korean invasion? (No nukes)
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