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Cg-5397 Form: What You Should Know

This makes them feel confident that you have a compelling reason to bring them to the United States. But second, when you use a Cover Letter, it is easier for you to apply for a new visa. The Form I-129F is already filled out for you. The next part is the actual filing. It's a two (2) step process, so you'll probably need an Assistant at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The Assistant at USCIS will then write the Form I-129F for you, review it and give you the final instructions. You will need the following: An I-129F Petition for a K1 Visa An I-129F Case Classification (if applicable) A copy of the I-129F Petition for a K1 Visa, including the USCIS Decision Letter I-129F Case Classification (if applicable) What's in a Cover Letter… A detailed, clear explanation of why you are making this application. The reason should be clear based on the purpose of your visit to the United States. You will also want to include the following. Your contact information (home, work and cell number) — you will want to use your phone if possible to keep that line to yourself since it's not always an option to use an answering service to receive a call. Any other information about yourself. The reason the petitioner is traveling to the United States. The petitioner's full name and date of birth (optional) The petitioner's passport page number (optional) All necessary documentation (i.e., documents such as employment-based documents) as shown on the Form I-129F. What to include for a USCIS Officer to see The Cover Letter should describe the basis for your visit, why you visit and the intent of your visit. If the purpose of the visit isn't clear, explain why you are visiting. What happens if the Petitioner doesn't receive a response from US-CIS within 6 months? The petitioner can appeal US-CIS' decisions. Even if the petitioner doesn't receive a formal response from US-CIS, it is possible that you get a positive response in your favor to the I-129F. A cover letter doesn't have to be long or heavy. In fact, it might be a good idea to write a shorter cover letter for an I-129T when you are first applying a case for a K2/Visa petition.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cg-5397

Instructions and Help about Cg-5397

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